2005 Season




   2005 Season

Edition No. 4

March 24, 2005






          This is the last word on Draft Day.  Possum has reversed course and agreed to our 1:00 p.m. start time.   Short of an outbreak of the bubonic plague or any last-minute conflicts with one of Emilyís tee-ball practices, we will not entertain the notion of changing the start time again.  Ever. 




          Just because Iím such a sport, I am providing you here with a summary of the first two-round draft picks in our league since 1988.  Do with them what you will. 




          I know, I know.  I was adamant that I would take Albert Pujols as my first round draft pick at some point during my euphoria over winning last yearís title.   But now Iím rethinking everything.  Just so that you all have fair warning, as things stand right now, it could be Pujols, it might be A-Rod, I wonít rule out Tejada as a possibility, and it might even be Santana.  It wonít be RJ, I can promise you that, as I fear that the New York media will drive him to distraction, if not to drink.  And it certainly wonít be Bonds, not that he was ever in danger of becoming a Senator.  Sorry to be so indecisive so close to Draft Day, but that is the prerogative of a defending champion, isnít it? 




          Did anyone see the interview of Bonds on Tuesday when it was announced that he might miss half the season because of his knee problem?  Iíve never been so disgusted by a baseball player in all my life, and that includes the thoroughly disgusting Pete Rose and all that goes with him, as well as the nauseating cry-baby performance of Don Sutton when he was trying for his 300th win and was bellyaching (and in fact crying) about the lack of run support.  Instead of sucking it up and taking it like a man, all Bonds could do was lash out at the media and accuse them of ďgetting what they wanted.Ē  The guy is an absolute piece of crap, in my humble opinion.  Not only that, but I think heís lost his freaking marbles. 


          I am not/would not/will not wish for physical harm to be visited upon anyone, including Mr. Bonds, but if ever a person would seem to deserve a career-ending injury, itís not hard to imagine the despicable Barry B. at the top of the list. 




          Most of you have seen or heard about McGwireís testimony before the congressional subcommittee investigating steroid use in the majors.  How many of you now think that McGwire wasnít a steroid user?  Iíll personally never look at Big Mac the same way.  Okay, maybe I am naÔve, but I like to think of my heroes as real heroes, not pretenders with feet of clay. 


          Clearly, McGwire is a cheater, and cheaters donít belong in the Hall of Fame. 




          Tirebiter recently let me take a look at his April 15, 1957 Sports Illustrated Special Baseball Issue.  Itís full of some absolutely great stuff that you all need to take a look at if he has it available at the Draft.  Here is an interesting blip from the analysis of the 1957 Cleveland Indians: 


Indians desperately need new faces who can run, throw and hit.  They may have them in seven graduates of 1956 American Association pennant winners, Indianapolis.  Best of crew is Roger Maris, a strong-armed, speedy outfielder who hits with power. 


And the analysis of the í57 Red Sox: 

Most valuable player on Red Sox is Ted Williams, though some critics insist that the slow, weak-fielding, individualistic Williams is a drawback to Sox chances of success.  Williams is still a magnificent hitter, and his presence in batting order for even half a season is definite plus factor for Red Sox.  Jimmy Piersall and Jackie Jenson, regulars, and substitutes Gene Stephens, Faye Throneberry and possibly rookie Marty Keough, round out one of the best outfields in baseball.  Piersallís marvelous fielding is something to see:  he is The Pitcherís Friend. 

 Not exactly Bill James, but pretty good stuff.  Take a look if you get the chance. 




          u   I see that Dana Altman is being wooed by Tennessee.  If the Vols make him an offer, I donít see him turning it down.  I hope Iím wrong, but I bet Iím not. 


          u   Most of you now know that the University of Vermont are nicknamed ďThe Catamounts.Ē  But how many of you know, or think you know (Itchie), what a catamount is?  Simple, really.  A mountain cat, such as a puma, a cougar, or a lynx. 


          u   I may have shared this with you all before, but legend has it that when Casey Stengel managed the woeful New York Mets many years ago, a reporter asked him, after the Mets had a deplorable day in the field, what he thought of his teamís execution.  ďI think itís a good idea,Ē said Casey. 


          With that, itís time to tip my cap and shuffle off to Buffalo.  See you on Draft Day. 







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