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2006 Season     

   Edition No. 23        

August 10, 2006




Here are the standings through 18 weeks of play:












Bronx Bombers




























In no way can I match the recent poetic missives from our beloved Skipper, but I will attempt to refrain from my usual ranting and raving.  I did very much enjoy his account of the minor league game and especially his drunken stream of consciousness from Wrigley Field.  (Cones!!!) Is there any question that Wrigley is the best stadium in the world (and yes, you do have Kauffman Stadium ranked too low. OK so it is surrounded by an ocean of concrete, your point is?)  In a few short hours of writing this paragraph, I am headed out to Kauffman to witness my beloved and hapless Royals take a pounding from the Boston Ortizes.  And I will be bombarded by the “Kiss Cam”; the “ball under the hat guessing game”; the pounding rock and roll music and all the other big screen nonsense that they think we need to enjoy ourselves.  Why can we not just satisfy ourselves with a mere baseball game?  That, in part, is why Wrigley is so great.  It is baseball and the side show is only the weird people.  (Remember the guy whose friends shaved the Cubs “C” into his back, and then colored it in as he sat in front of us in the bleachers a few years back) (OK, maybe I will rant and rave a little bit).


Most disappointing player of the year?: Without question Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox and the KC Blues.  How can a guy fall off the map like this.  Of course, I am forced to ride him out the rest of the year in hopes of squeezing a few points out of him.  He plays for a great team and he still can’t hold it together.  Second most disappointing.  Yes, Bartolo “Fat Man” Colon.  And yes, I should have known. Yes he was coming off of a career year.


Pitching: Let’s take a little look at the League's top pitchers at the moment: J. Santana 441; B. Webb, 440; J. Papelbon 431; C. Schilling 416; R. Halladay 412; M. Mussina, 409; C. Zambrano, 409; F. Liriano, 406; J. Putz, 394; J. Smoltz, 388; M. Rivera, 380; J. Verlander, 376; J. Schmidt, 376; J. Bonderman, 374; A. Harang, 373; B. Arroyo, 370.


Get serious.  Pitching is such a crap shoot.  Obviously the cream is rising to the top, ie Santana, Schilling and Halladay.  But seriously, as you sat at the draft in April can you honestly say you expected to see some of these guys on the list? Obviously you are smarter than me. But seriously, if anyone had drafted Aaron Harang, freaking Aaron Harang, in the first 10 rounds, they would have been laughed out of the place (or more likely greeted with stunned silence).  OK, some had heard of Papelbon, but Arroyo?  No way you draft that guy.  Mussina. I know we all thought he was done.  This is one occasion where actually watching a game hurt me.  I happened to catch Mussina pitch in a preseason game on TV and he got absolutely shelled.  Just mauled.  I was petrified to draft him, and his 400 freaking points!!


The highest Blue: No. 25 J. Zumaya.  And that was a freak shot.  I saw hm pitch against the Royals on opening day and he just blew them away.  Had to get him.  And right now he is my top pitcher, a middle reliever who doesn’t pitch that often.  And I thought I drafted pitching.



Post game Report I did attend last night’s Royals Red Sox game and for the first time all season I have seen a win for the Royals.  For the first time all season I saw the Royals in a well played game.  Saw Big Papi jack one to straightaway center field on a rope, to the delight of a multitude of Boston fans in attendance.  Since when does KC have so many Boston ex-patriots?  Also, saw Wily Mo Pena hit one of the longest home runs in Kauffman history.  They said it traveled 451 feet, but it was up on the concourse just before the concession stand, which has to be well beyond 451 feet.  It was a bomb.  But only counted 1 run and the Royals take the first of 3, 6-4.  A save for Ambriox Burgos, the 22-year old closer for the Royals, who has 17 saves and 10 blown saves.  He has some great stuff, but you never know, especially after walking the lead-off hitter in the ninth, (the kiss of death), I thought we were cooked.  He got two strikes on Papi before walking him also and then struck out Manny for the big out of the inning.  Then got Youkilis to ground out to end it.


In addition to that great baseball, I did get to see, in addition to the aforementioned big screen antics, the cartoon race between Ketchup, Mustard and Relish and the wonderful dance contest between two fans. 


Why can we not just satisfy ourselves  with checking out the Cones in between innings?


Recent pick-ups: Yes, you saw it correctly, I did just pick up Brad Radke and Jamie Moyer.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  At least I wasn’t the Cubs and pick up Jimmy Gobble, inconsistent middle received for the Royals.  Are things that bad Chuck?


Yes, things are that bad: This League has forced me to root for the hated Yankees.  With the addition of B. Abreu, I now have three of the Yanks starting 9 on my team.  What has this world wrought?


Sobering thought: Sports Illustrated reported in an issue earlier this summer that former World Heavyweight Champion Leon Spinks is working as a janitor in Columbus, NE.  Ahhh, he did live the good life for a while.  Be careful out there, boys, if it can happen to Leon, it could happen to you.  Watch out for the Jaagerbombs!!!



Until next time, good Luck the rest of the way!  McBlunder