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2008 Season     

   Edition No. 11        

May 21, 2008



My week in First Place 


Oh and what a week it was!  (Mouse has already been kind enough to chronicle the miracle 196-point day that rocketed the Blues to the league penthouse.  Thank you Mouse…it was an incredible day, helped immensely by the fact that I had 6 starting pitchers going on one day (4 wins a loss and 1 no decision  144 pitching points), something I don’t think I have ever had, and a cycle by  Carlos Gomez.  I should also point out I had 16 points on the bench.  I must note that I think Mitch or someone had a 200-plus point day last year--correct me if I am wrong.  But I digress.  My week in First place: Let me try to describe it for you:  complete and unadulterated, euphoric bliss.  What could possibly be better?  To get up each day, check that beautiful agate type of the Kansas City Star box scores.  Then to go to the computer and have your life affirmed by the computer cathode tube as Yahoo Sports Fantasy baseball reports that the Blues--there they are--yes, it is true!  First Place…….ahhh………………


But then what happens?  No, say it is not so…life gets to the office to learn that:  the check really wasn’t in the mail...that hearing has been continued to a day that you had a vacation planned…the Memorandum Decision that you have been waiting on for two months arrives, only to be a big slap in the face, a loss…the employment taxes are due…a quick e-mail from client A, that they have decided to go a different direction…a call from client B, that the check won’t be in the mail...and that much anticipated call from the Judicial Nomination Commission, that while the interview went well, once again, you weren’t selected…..ah…………………………………………


And so it goes. The karma of the Hot Stove League.  It is an irrefutable law of the Universe that First Place in Fantasy baseball comes with a price, and for me it seems that price is professional success.  The fates only allow a person so much happiness.  One cannot have it all…one cannot have professional success and  baseball success.  Business sucks...the work sucks…the results are elusive, at best….career advancement stymied ….


But, by gosh, the Blues are in first place, first freakin’ place ……ahh….yes! is great!!!!!!!


A study in blasphemy


In a league that discusses everything from politics to favorite movies, I have a theological question. Chuck, maybe you can help me with this one.  I was sitting in church the other day (yes, surprisingly, I do go to church) attempting to absorb the spiritual advice flowing my direction, but what was I thinking about?  You guessed it--The Blues.    Sitting in that pew, contemplating who should be my Utility Players that day.  Is that blasphemy? You decide.


A long way to go


Seriously, it is May 21st.  There is a long, long way to go.  So many things can happen.  (Cliff Lee could lose a game or something…….oh, yea, he did.)  It is nothing for a team to go from 10th to first.  It can happen in a heartbeat.  Ted says beware of the Highlanders.  Hell, yes, beware of the Highlanders, among about 12 other teams…


A little pitching can take you a long way


I know my pal Mr. Hurlbutt might disagree, but the Blues are another example that they will go only as far as pitching will take them.  No question that pitching is carrying the Blues thus far and will have to carry them all the way, if there is any hope.  Although I guess Mr. Hurlbutt would say a “lot of pitching” might be the answer, as he continues to constantly work the waiver wire--adding, dropping, adding, dropping, trying to set the all-time transactions record. 


Luck of the Polish


Have some surprise draft picks and some free agent selections bolstered the Blues?  Sure, you bet.  Is it luck…maybe…but it seems that when certain regular bottom feeders like the Blues catch lightning in the bottle it is luck, whereas if one of the league savants is sitting high in the standings, these become “savvy draft picks” or “savvy free agent acquisitions.”  Did I know that Cliff Lee was going to pitch the month of his life?  Well, no.  But I was pretty certain that Edison Volquez and Zach Greinke were going to have decent years and worthy of a 16th and 20th round pick.  Luck, you bet.  I’ll take all the luck I can get.


Most disappointing player to date


I am sure that each of us has that player that is driving you crazy, that stud that we were certain was going to have a great year.  Well, I offer up mine and invite you to share yours, but I think the most disappointing player to date is:  Jose Reyes. Okay,  maybe he shouldn’t have been a first round pick.  As we sit here he is batting .272, 4 Hr/19 RBI, 24 runs and 12 stolen bases--and that is after a little hot streak.  The leadoff guy for the most underachieving team in baseball, the Mets.  Who is your nominee for MDP?


Standings:  As of May 21, 2008





























Nobody is running away with this thing.  It is going to be a barnburner until the very end. (When was the last time the Blues and Tribe were that high at the same time?)


I very much look forward to seeing many of you in Washington DC in another couple of weeks.  It is going to be a great trip and great season.  Good luck the rest of the way.