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2009 Season     

   Edition No. 10        

May 25, 2009






Well, we have passed the halfway point in the 2009 season and just like the divisional and wild card races in both the NL and AL, the second half is shaping up to be a dogfight in the HSL.  What a scramble, unprecedented battle for HSL supremacy at the half way point.  With luck and a few timely decisions, any one of the top 8 teams appear to have a shot at the title.  As the past few weeks have shown with numerous lead changes and repositioning, 2 or 3 hundred point swings are not only possible, but likely.  Like most of the ML teams, all of the HSL teams have their flaws and an injury or two can wreak havoc on the best laid plans. 


Will be interesting to see who is for real and who had a fluke first half.  Prime examples being the likes of Scutaro and Branyan.  Are the young Blue Jay hitters for real?  Will Manny break down without the benefit of HGH?  Will the H&H boys, often injured Halladay, and to date underperforming Holliday, get traded and become difference makers?  Why is it that McGwire, Sosa, even Bonds and other old guard stars are continuously crucified by the press and Manny gets a free pass?  Arguably they were not breaking the rules when they cheated but Manny not only cheated but broke the rules.  What about the 50 day suspension that allows the players to play in the minor leagues? 





The first half had some 451 transactions with the Highlanders leading the way with 54 transactions executed.  A quick review of the transactions reveals that probably 90% or more are not of any great significance.  There were of course a few blunders (Marquis, Rolen) drops and a few gems (T. Hanson, R. Franklin) to be picked up along the way but mostly flotsam and jetsam.  Only 2 trades in the first half with the Highlanders being involved in both transactions.  The first being really a non-event Maine for Atkins.  Maineís arm is shot and Atkins canít hit a lick and is riding pine.   The Granderson for Inge trade will probably not be a blockbuster event but involved two meaningful players.  Letís see some more trade activity in the second half.  What did you fellas do in NY?  Ten trip participants and not one deal to be made, wake up, men.  The trip recap was great but where are the really good stories and pictures, Itchie?  Didnít you stay in Times Square, the heart of evil?





While some of the more sentimental HSL members seem to be taking on a rooting interest for the thirteenth member of the league, given the recent unprecedented fraudulent infiltration of the message board I am convinced that he cannot possibly prevail in 2009 and may have broken the dreaded Redbird curse that his occult consultant cast many years ago.  Thank you for that, and by the way UB, we miss your cutting commentary.  Your silence will mean nothing in the end so have no fear!





In case anyone cares, you can put a fork in Troy Tulowhiskey, maybe use the same fork that was used for Khalil Greene.  Tulo has officially reverted back to his mean.  Curby you should have unloaded him when he peaked out at .265.







Wahoos--needs to win league to fund side bet losses



Monarchs--has some weird mojo going, only chain smoker in HSL



Redbirds--best team by far



Chiefs--must finish behind Redbirds due to unusual message board activity



Cubs--Jan goes on vacation and team falls apart in September



Skipjacks--distracted by scurrilous pictures posted on internet



Bombers--sorry brother Mouse, just like Yankees, no playoffs this year



Tribe--reverse jinx in place unless he breaks his silence



Highlanders--inordinate amount of transactions



Blues--has to suffer many bad teams between titles



Bears--highly suspect drafting (Chili Davis in 3rd round) fails to pay dividends in 09



Tigers--commissioner duties obviously weighing heavy on Big Guy



Senators--sorry Skip


Pujols NL MVP

Hunter AL MVP

Lincecum NL Cy Young

Verlander AL Cy Young


NL playoffs Dodgers, Cardinals, Phillies, Rockies

AL playoffs Red Sox, Twins, Angels, Rays

World Series Red Sox defeat Phillies in 7 games.