2010 Season

Edition No. 10

March 17, 2010









Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you, as we cross over the midway point in March and ever closer to Draft Day and the start of the 2010 season.  Most of you by now probably have already completed the majority of your preparatory work for our Draft, just finishing off your lists of back-up middle relievers and catchers. 




Speaking of middle relievers, we had some spirited debate and discussion yesterday at our pre-Draft lunch at Jams about modifying our league rules as they pertain to the use of middle relievers.  When one league member expressed his concern that Shamu’s fins might be ruffled over such an obvious measure to legislate against his means of success during the 2009 season, Big Guy reported that Shamu actually is flattered by this movement, likening it to MLB’s decision to lower the pitching mound after Gibson’s smothering pitching success of 1968.  With Shamu, the glass is always half full.  In any event, we can only hope that Shamu is seated next to Gibby again on one of our league airplane trips, so that he can share with him this comparison of how rules had to be changed because they were both too good for the game.


Although I leave it to Commissioner Drews to formalize what we agreed upon at our lunch meeting, it is my understanding that the new rules for the 2010 HSL Campaign are as follows:


1.       Middle relievers cannot be put into a starter’s slot unless there is a carot on the Yahoo website which indicates that they will be a starting pitcher.


2.       There will be a 25-point fine for anyone violating this rule the first occasion, and a 100-point penalty for every violation thereafter; and


3.       Each team will have three DL slots, which you can use to offline players who are hurt after they are put on your roster.


If anyone has any questions about these new rules, I suggest that you post them on the Message Board, so that they can be addressed by our new rules committee, i.e., The Foxes Who Guard Our Chickenhouse. 




Tomorrow afternoon heralds the start of the Mount Michael baseball season.  While the home turf is reportedly too saturated to host the game as scheduled, the plan is to play the game at our opponent’s home field in Nebraska City.  Evidently their groundskeeper has figured out a way to get their field in shape to play.  In any event, with the weather predicted to be in the mid-60s, it should be a glorious day to be at the ballpark.






I have been tinkering with my summary of favorite baseball quotes, and I found one that the late Bill Veeck (“as in wreck”) borrowed from Oscar Wilde: 


The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.


I think I’ll make that my new life’s motto. 


Speaking of Veeck, provided is a Boswell article on this legendary showman, entitled “Always Leave ’Em Laughing,” from his book How Life Imitates the World Series.  I love his line on page 285 that Veeck’s tombstone should read:  “Cause of death:  Life.” 


That’s it for now.  Gotta get out and get myself a couple of frosty green beers.


Back at you next week.