2011 Season                    Edition No. 15                    July 27, 2011






7765 pts


7593 pts


7538 pts


7452 pts


7404 pts


7322 pts

7.Da Bums

7272 pts


7075 pts


6908 pts


6860 pts


6668 pts


6630 pts


6543 pts


I'm afraid I don't have anything of any interest to report on, I think I have slowly slipped into the tasteless, spiceless mash potato's and green bean's of mid-life.  I did brew beer this last weekend which resulted in massive collateral damage to all the surrounding area but fortunately Jody was out of town for a week which gave me ample time to cover my tracks.  I even had time to lay down some booby-traps to divert her attention  like creating some unfinished laundry and leaving enough slack when I made the bed so that a quarter wouldn't get its normally achieved 3 foot elevation if she so choosed to bounce one. If you do "happen" to burn something on your ceramic stove top for whatever reason try vinegar, baking soda, a nylon scrub brush and a good hour and a half of the "wax on" "wax off" motion.  


I wasn't exactly clear on the dates of Mouse's Norway trip or if it was a pleasure or buisness trip, although Thermal King and Norway seem to have an obvious link. What is it 30 degrees in Norway about this time?  Hopefully Mouse and his family weren't in Norway at the time of that God awful carnage or if they were they hopefully out of harms way.  The Norweigans are a pluky bunch but breaking out his Bombers T-shirt now may be a little too soon.


He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts....for support rather than illumination. 

                                                            Andrew Lang (1844-1912)


Baseball is indeed a game of statistics..........after the games, not before.


That's why every year is different than the previous and why we play it year after year, because you just.... never..... know.


As we soon start the dog days of August it looks like the Chiefs have broken away from the pack.   After suffering through some devastating injuries he's loaded for bear, speaking of bears you might want to ask Scott about bears, one in particular.   While chaperoning Anna and couple of her friends at the Eagles Nest he decided to get up early and do a little exploring around the cabin and enjoy a little "quiet time".  It seems his little quiet time was broken up by a stampeding 7 foot bear coming straight for him as he described it "faster than a car".  You always wonder how you would react in a stituation like that, he said he went with the "frozen sheer terror route", evidently the bear was soon followed by one of his neighbors St. Bernard,  I asked him if he thought about joining the duo for a brisk morning run up the mountain, but he opted to go back to the cabin and rethink his will.  Talking to Anna later she told me that he would only agree to go to the outhouse if he was escorted by an armed group of 3 twelve year old girls.  Nature, you gotta love it.



Good luck to all and I'll leave you with a quote from Old Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra.  I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they'll feel all day.