2011 Season

Edition No. 20

October 11, 2011







With the 2011 Hot Stove League season in the books, let it be said: 





Congratulations, kudos, well done and a firm attaboy to our beloved fellow owner, Baby Trumpetfish, for capturing his second HSL title in 27 years of competition.  While B.T.ís first crown in 1996 may have been beginnerís luck, his 2011 pennant was garnered the old-fashioned wayóhe earned it!  Nobody but nobody expended more energy, put forth more effort or consumed more man-hours in vying for a title than B.T. in 2011. 


A tip of the hat also to my law partner, Jim Ed, for putting on a furious rally at seasonís end to rocket past the Senators and avoid a cellar finish.  I worked harder the last six weeks of the season that I have in the past three campaigns, trying my level best to break my skein of last-place finishes, but to no avail.  It obviously wasnít meant to be, and so I will give the devil his due.  Good work, Jimmy!



At this point in the season I would ordinarily put together my annual assessment of how our league winner won the championship, as well as to update and republish our record of final finishes.  However, today I start a three-week medical malpractice/product liability trial in Madison, Nebraska, and so my recap of the 2011 season will have to wait until November. 


Another great campaign, men.  I canít wait for the next one!