2011 Season

Edition No. 3

February 17, 2011







Just a short ditty from your friends at From the Bullpen to give you something to look at this week other than the HSL website Message Board, which some have suggested renaming “The Possum Manifesto.”  Not that “Koochie” (see Post No. 64—love it!) doesn’t sometimes make things interesting. 


Anyway, just a couple of things for this issue of From the Bullpen.


1.       Don’t know if any of you subscribe to the Smithsonian, my favorite magazine, but the January issue has a terrific article entitled “Power and the Presidency,” discussing the significant expansion of the U.S. President’s role following JFK’s inauguration fifty years ago in January 1961.  Here is a link to that article:  Power and the Presidency.


Two great quotes from JFK’s inaugural address that year:


Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty.




Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate. 


Probably the words of Ted Sorensen, our fellow Nebraskan, but delivered masterfully by Jack. 


2.       My apologies for leaving out Jered Weaver from last issue’s list of the Top 25 Pitchers and Hitters from 2010.  Caveat emptor.  These totals were derived from taking point totals of all of the players who were on anyone’s team roster at the end of last year, and then sorting them in order of most points to least.  Our lists do not include any players who were not on a team roster at the end of the year. 


3.       Just for grins and giggles, here is my favorite link concerning our beloved Big Johnny:  Favorite.


4.       It seems quite clear that all or the great majority of Hot Stove League members are seriously in need of having Draft Day get here sooner than later, based on some of the recent reported activity among league members which has come to the attention of the HSL staff.  So, without further explanation or ado, I give you now the





10.  Possum using words like “luddite” in trying to discomfit and debase his ignorant fellow team owners.


9.  U-Bob now listening to songs with titles like “Whip My Hair.”


8.  Social season winding down for Mouse, with only four cotillions, three grand balls, two white glove dinners and one bat mitzvah between him and Draft Day.


7.  Shamu on Day 27 of his Rubbernecking and Eyesight-Sharpening Boot Camp Regimen. 


6.  Itchie down to his last three pheasants and two magpies to stuff.


5.  Big Guy aka “The Commish” so weary of the whining and carping among league members he can no longer count to 13.


4.  Stretch done with the Renaissance Festival winter season, needs some event, any event, at which to wear his hat plumes before the fall Renaissance season begins.


3.  SloPay sick and tired of losing every political and social equality argument to Patti. 


2.  Rainbow Lake unrest over Skipper’s secession has Commodore Screech’s panties in a wad.


1.  B.T. now hopelessly addicted to inane video games, routinely seen playing “Angry Birds” on his cell phone until the wee hours of the morning. 


So in other words, my friends, it’s time for March 26 and Draft Day to be here!


That’s it for this issue.  Have a great week.