2016 Season Edition No. 1 January 12, 2016


Happy New Year, and welcome to the new look of the HSL website, selected by last year’s champion, our beloved B.T.  Breaking from tradition, B.T. has chosen his team logo and his own baseball card from 1996 to serve as our masthead for the current campaign.  While management at FTB considered a line-item veto to nix this radical idea from our egomaniacal 2015 champion, in deference to his stature in the league and the family, and because he throws such great championship parties and gives out such excellent apparel in honor of his team, his bold new website design has been approved and implemented.  Management reserves the right to veto future such selections, however.


Because I am currently engrossed in a jury trial, I will keep this short.  Next issue:  Book report on Roger Angell’s (age 95) latest offering – This Old Man